5 New Things I Want to Help my Audience With

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For the last couple of years, I have completely focused on my knee replacement journey and how I can help others going through knee replacement. Now that it’s been years since I feel the need to open up on this lifestyle blog to other aspects of my life and ways I can assist all of you!

I want to continue writing beneficial knee tips as issues arise that I feel people will benefit from, but I also want to help bring light to other pain points and use my knowledge and skills on those topics to improve your life! My ultimate goal for this blog was to help people. That will still remain the case, but it will just look a little different as we explore other aspects of my life!

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    5 Things I Want to Help my Audience With

    1. As I have mentioned above, the ultimate goal is to help others. Reading blogs that make me feel less alone and are understanding of my issues has always been very helpful to me. I want to do this for all of you. Be a voice that is familiar. Let you know that I have experienced some of the same things as you, and you are not alone.
    2. Help make your life better! I love to organize and clean! I know how rare these traits are. From hacks and plans to how-to’s, I want to show my audience that being organized and cleaning isn’t that bad! There are ways to bring these into your life and make it better!
    3. Being a Mom of tweens and teens is not for the weak. I want to share stories of Mom’s life and start conversations about what it’s like to parent this age of children.
    4. Bring light to my Traumatic Brain Injury. This subject is a part of my life I have not shared much with people outside of my inner family circle. At this stage, I feel comfortable opening up about my TBI in hopes that it will help others.
    5. Lastly, I want to continue telling my knee replacement story. I have loved sharing with my fellow knee replacement warriors over the last couple of years. Hearing their stories and thoughts truly helped me get through my rehab!
    Help each other to grow and learn.

    I know that some of these subjects don’t necessarily connect in any way. That is just who I am! Jack of all trades, you might say, as most people are. I do hope that my audience will connect with me in a special way through one or more of these different topics! There will be something for everyone on this site.

    Even if I only help a few people, that will be enough for me to keep writing so I can continue to assist. Ultimately, helping is my purpose of this blog, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

    Thanks for being here!

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