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Epic Fail! 5 Reasons your Christmas Elf Didn’t Move

Did you move the elf? Who knew something so small could cause so make stress and heartache, right? Click here to read 5 reasons your Christmas elf didn't move.

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Did I move the elf? Or did I fail once again?

The question that haunts many parents this time of year. You wake in a cold sweat, stressing out over a dang stuffed elf! Did you move it? Do you have time to craft something up to save the little magic that is left in this world!? Who knew something so small could cause so make stress and heartache, right? Have no fear; this list is for you the 5 reasons your Christmas elf didn’t move. 

5 Reasons Your Christmas Elf Didn’t Move

  1. He/She is saving all of his/her energy for something really AWESOME tomorrow.
  2. He/She ate so much food yesterday they were too full to move.
  3. Ha! Tricky Elf, he/she was making sure you were paying attention.
  4. He/She can see so well from there, they wanted another day from that advantage point.
  5. Yesterday was pretty uneventful. He/She is probably waiting for something good to report back to Santa with.   

Even More Reasons and Extra Help with Your Elf

With my all-in-one December Elf Support Packet, you have downloadable, printable templates, including seven more reasons your Christmas elf didn’t move. Talk about making this elf season even easier! Other pages in the packet include a 30-day elf idea calendar, action plans, a checklist for reasons you didn’t move your elf, a letter to Santa, and more! All the elf tools in one handy place! 

Have elf ideas you would love to share or need an ear bounce ideas off of? Contact me, and I would love to chat all things elf with you! Moving the elves is seriously one of my favorite things to do over the holidays. I know, call me crazy! Also, head over to my Elf Pinterest Board, where I will be posting where our household elves show up, and you can see where they have been for some inspiration! 

Good Luck this Elf season! Happy Holidays!


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